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I was in winter time in New York and walked around at the Central Park. It were very cold, but some many people were in the park. Meet a lot unique person and also a variety of animals. It were so interesting that I forgot it were freezing.

Central Park

Central Park

Printbank Mackay annual Swap


High Tea with Iris Apfel

This print is a influence of the travelling Film Festival Sydney. It is a short movie of Iris Apfel. It would be my dream to have High Tea with her. So I made an artwork about this event.

Drypoint etching on cream paper, Hand printed, oil based ink, A4, A/P, unframed
21cm (W) x 29cm (H) x 0.3cm (D)

Community Workshop facilitator



Meeting Place the new piece of public art in the City Centre. Australian South Sea Islander Meeting Hut workshop participant Donna Rose (left), commissioned artist Wanda Bennett, Expert Laser Solution’s Pat Mulhern, community workshop facilitator/local printmaker Brigitte Zimmerman, and community workshop participant from Sarina Marilyn Bliss.

Pop up Print Studio, Old Town Hall, Mackay


Print pop up Studio  9am – 1pm at the Old Town Hall In Mackay


2018 always Wednesday

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Cost $20.00 Please contact on 0428455188 or briziart@gmail.com
Please bring your own material and protection clothe/ closed shoe

My Artwork for Print Award in Artspace


Jonah (Jonas) and the Whale 2014
Has won the people choice. Thank to all who voted for me.

Collagraph print / mixed media

My late father always told us the story of Jonah (German Jonas) and the whale. His name was Jonas. The reason, why he told us this story, was if we don’t obey, it will the same happen, as to Jonah. The funny part is: I never saw a whale in the lakes in Switzerland. When I goggled the story up, the ending were also different, but as small kid, you belief everything what the parents tell youJonas sml

The research and assemblage that have gone into creating this print are, for me, art as much as the finished piece.

My Artwork travel around


Passion III

Passion III

12 – 16 September 2014 Gallery Space, Walter Reid cultural Center, Rockhampton
19 – 26 September 2014 Leo Zussino Building, CQU Campus Gladstone
17 –  19 October 2014 School of Arts, Bundaberg
24 –  26 October 2014 Central Conservatorium of Music, CQU Campus Mackay






Mixed Media

I’m a colourist and I like bold and bright colours. Mostly my artworks are from the heart. This includes printmaking, mixed media and craft. I also enjoy working with different textures, founded object and recycled materials.

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